Temecula Ranch Goes Green & Saves Money with HERO Program

On an August afternoon with temperatures approaching 100 degrees, it’s business as usual at the Bricker Ranch, located on 10 acres in the wine country of Temecula, CA and surrounded by picturesque rolling hills. Running a full-service

HERO Communities Leading Clean-Tech Marketplace

In this year’s analysis of the clean-tech marketplace by Clean Edge, California is leading the way once again. Additionally, the report names three forward-thinking communities that have each implemented the HERO Program in order to conserve water

Family Replaces Grass with Artificial Turf Using HERO Program

The Delaney family of San Marcos, CA had never really thought about replacing their backyard with artificial grass before. In fact, when David thought about turf, he associated it with the tacky look of a Brady Bunch-style

Watch: Baker Family’s Electricity Bill Goes From $700 to $1.77

With midmorning temperatures already approaching the 100s, Duane and Mary Baker usher the HERO Program’s video team inside their Temecula, CA home. Immediately, the pleasantly cool air temperature inside naturally becomes the focus of conversation about which

Californians Respond to Drought with HERO Program

Many are aware that Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs like the HERO Program help homeowners use energy more efficiently while lowering their electricity bills. But did you know that HERO also helps homeowners conserve water? Homeowners

San Diego Embraces User-friendly Water Conservation Tools to Fight Drought

by Supervisor Dave Roberts The Golden State is rapidly turning brown thanks to three back-to-back dry years. Combined with an increasing demand for fresh water, conservation is becoming an increasingly important piece of our water supply puzzle.

Watch: Local Elected Officials Making the HERO Program a Reality

As a result of their efforts, forward-thinking elected officials throughout California have made the HERO Program available to homeowners in 170 communities thus far (as of July 2014), saving them energy, water, and money. In San Diego,

Watch: Conversations with Contractors – HERO’s eSign Feature

Dealing with manually generated paper documents has long been a delay to getting home renovations off the ground, impacting contractors as well as customers. California Showcase Construction, a HERO Registered Contractor specializing in energy efficient exterior home

Watch: HERO Program Launches in San Diego

“It’s a very exciting day for San Diegans!” enthused San Diego Board of Supervisors Chairperson Dianne Jacob. “Summer’s in full swing, we’re feeling it from the heat, our utility bills are rising – and homeowners, we believe,

5 Tips for Finding an Eco-Friendly Contractor

Many consumers today are understandably skeptical when it comes to products or services claiming to be eco-friendly. In a society transitioning to understand just how drastically our actions impact the environment – and what we can do
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